Initiatives and Referenda

Kevin Mannix has been heavily engaged in the initiative and referenda process since 1990. He has written initiatives and knows how to move initiatives and referenda through the entire petition and campaign process. This includes litigating ballot titles and service on the various ballot measure committees which are assigned for explanatory statements, and advocacy for or against a ballot measure.

Our firm has the capability to

  • Recognize constitutional and statutory restrictions on the process
  • Define creative solutions to an issue
  • Select solutions which are marketable to the voters
  • Move an initiative or referendum through the legal obstacle course involved in getting a matter before the voters
  • Represent clients as to legal challenges to initiatives and referenda, including ballot title litigation
  • Assist clients in meeting the legal requirements of the petition process
  • Assist clients in oversight as to review of petition signatures
  • Assist clients with ballot measure arguments
  • Assist clients with election return oversight and recount oversight.

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