Business Law

In business law, we can help your for profit and non-profit business interests in a variety of areas. These areas include administration, contracts, formation, dissolution, negotiation, property tax advocacy, and counsel as to general legal matters affecting your business.

Lobbying & Policy

We place high priority in dealing with local, regional, state, and federal policy. Kevin Mannix’s experience as an assistant attorney general for the US territory of Guam, and for the state of Oregon, his political work, and his service as a Representative and Senator in the Oregon Legislature, equip him to be a capable advocate as to all parts of government. Connor Harrington’s military service, legal training, and understanding of government bureaucracy, coupled with the Mannix Law Firm’s multi-faceted support staff, round out our capability to advocate for causes and issues which are important to your business or to your personally.

Ballot Measures

Kevin Mannix has put more successful measures on the ballot than any other person in Oregon history. We provide a complete range of services relating to preparation of citizen initiatives, including direct drafting, handling the initiative development process, and participation in ballot title formulation and litigation. We also assists clients as to issues relating to election law, and the political process.

Wills & Trusts

We help clients with crafting their wills, establishing trusts, drafting power of attorney documents, preparing advance directives, and general legal documents needed for end of life and succession arrangements.

Property Tax Appeals

We provide vigorous representation as to property tax appeals for businesses and individuals in the state of Oregon. We have experience litigating property tax appeals in the Magistrate Division and regular division of the Oregon Tax Court.

Public Safety

We represent the interests of crime victims and work to improve the public safety system as to reduce crime.


We represent business engaged in the development of railroad and port transportation systems.

Veterans’ Benefits

We provide personalized representation to veterans and veterans’ family members who have been denied benefits by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. If you or a loved one have been denied by the VA for a service-connected injury or disease, or have received an unsatisfactory rating decision from the VA, please contact Connor Harrington. As a veteran himself, Connor takes great pride in providing top notch legal services to fellow veterans. After a VA denial or less than desirable rating decision is received, Connor Harrington can assist in appealing the unsatisfactory VA denial or decision. Please feel free to contact us regarding any Veterans’ Benefits representation questions you may have.